Dear Ones, Our Brothers and Sisters of the Human Race,

If you knew and understood the love that All of Creation has for you in this moment and every moment since the beginning of Time, worry and fear would vanish from your hearts without leaving a trace. Normally we end the message with something experiential that allows for you to integrate what has been shared. This time we will begin in this way because it is only in moving into the sacred heart space that you will be able to catch a glimpse of what it is we come to share with you now.

Let us take this time to breathe and center. Begin by breathing with your attention placed on your heart. Allow your heart to do the breathing. See the breath move in and out of the heart chakra located in the center of your chest. With each inhale allow yourself to go deeper into the heart seeing the breath enter this sacred space. With each exhale, allow yourself to release all those stored emotions that are less than loving. Emotions of fear, worry, judgement, anger, resentment – simply see them moving and exiting your heart with each exhale. Don’t stop to inquire of them, just let them go. Inhale and exhale at least four times.

Now place your attention on the space that sits about three inches or so above where your attention had previously been. This space is called the High Heart. Let us now begin to breathe from this space. Allow yourself to inhale and exhale from the High Heart four times. There is no need to visualize or intend anything in this moment. Simply placing your attention here will move you into a higher frequency.

See a beautiful crystalline energy that starts to emanate directly from the High Heart. This crystalline light grows bigger and brighter, and begins to envelope you in a crystalline bubble of light. Now ask to receive your right and perfect flower medicine for this moment. In front of you, just outside of your crystalline bubble, a beautiful, radiant deva materializes. She/He holds a flower. This flower’s electrical pattern holds within it light codes that are right and perfect for you now. Welcome the Deva with an open heart. As you do, the Deva steps forward, releasing the flower to you. It merges into your crystalline bubble. Your whole being begins to recalibrate as the light codes gently move through you restoring balance on all levels.

Thank the Deva for the gift they’ve brought to you today. Send them your love and gratitude for this blessing. Breathe, feel, and know. Universal Love and Support abounds.

The Message We Bring:

Now that all are in a more balanced state it will be easier to convey to you the vision that is beginning to manifest. Much of what we will communicate to you in this moment will go beyond the words on your screen. Pay attention to visual images that come into your mind, like dots connecting, we are communicating with you on so many levels.

We have been working diligently weaving rainbow ribbons of light in the ethers. Since the Spring Equinox, we have been designing and architecting form based on the vision of the New Earth that is being intended. The blueprints are being drawn up energetically. Some of them have already gone into stage two of implementation. Within the next few months they will all be in place for implementation. This is not about the length of time it takes us to do such work, but rather Divine Timing itself. We are literally engaged in what is known as respatialization, for just like humans, the Mother Earth herself, has patterns within her energy makeup that need to be reworked, readjusted, and even dissolved in many cases. This is an essential part of the ascension and awakening process. The Mother Earth is shaking off the last remnants of sleep that have pervaded over the last thirteen millennia. From a higher perspective this is a beautiful look at transition, however up close it can appear kind of messy. Think of most people when they wake up in the morning. There is a slow easing into the day that may not always be so pretty (think peeling eyelids open, crawling to the coffee pot, etc.) Better yet, think of most people as they begin to awaken in consciousness and how interesting that can be!

Do you know the best kept secret on the planet? Let us share a bit of insight with you. We mentioned above that we have been architecting  the new paradigms that are about to be overlayed and infused into the Earth experience. We said that we were designing these blueprints according to intention. Whose intention do you think we are designing in alignment with?

We’ll give you a second. [smiles, giggles, laughs]

That’s right! YOURS! ALL OF YOU! It is the intentions coming from the hearts of the human race that we are working with here!

This is of course why it is so important that you each operate from your highest level of consciousness because we need each and every one of you. We need your unique expression to flavor the whole of creation.

We love you. We are all one Family of Light! Let us create together for the good of the whole.

In love and faery light,

Diomira Rose and the Faeries

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