At just over 11,000 feet, I had no interest in over-exerting myself.  We were only on our second day in high altitude in New Mexico and Valle Caldera sits on top of a dormant super-volcano. A 13-mile wide circular depression in the earth, the caldera formed when the volcano completely blew its top over a million years ago. Now it is filled with beautiful mountain meadows, exquisite trees, grasses, streams and wildlife.IMG_3367

We decided to do a leisurely 1-mile hike during which a boulder asked us to put starlight into it. Then a coyote crossed our path three times to play, hunt and stare directly into our eyes. We witnessed the communication of several fat prairie dogs. However, nothing was more amazing than the adventure that awaited us inside the mountain.

At halfway around the large mound, Curtis was drawn to a cleft in the rocky side. He said, “This is the way into the mountain.” Of course, we did what one does when one finds an entrance to the inner mountain! Plopping down on a rock, we made ourselves comfortable and prepared for take off.  Deep into the mountain we went.

I found myself within space, expansive and grand. It seemed to go on forever. Only in tracing the top was I informed of its dome-like shape. Then, as if a thousand unseen candles lit the cave, hundreds of goblins came into focus. They took me to the center where a large and kingly being stood. Much taller than the rest, they said he was the Spirit Carrier of the Mountain – I think he was their king.IMG_3321

I involuntarily said to him: “You look awfully familiar…”

He answered, “So do you,” and smiled. The Goblin King! He handed me an emerald this time and said, “For your journey ahead.”

I was filled with gratitude and produced from the pocket of my jacket a golden chain with a magnificent byzantine cross. Where it had come from, I know not, but the Goblin King look pleased. Then I left.

When I came out Curtis was waiting for me. He was extremely excited and wanted to share his story. I asked, “What was your experience when you entered the mountain?”

He looked at me, eyes big and bright, and said, “There were goblins!” As you can imagine, I was ecstatic. Then he continued, “And they gave me a gift, a beautiful clear crystal, and they said, ‘For your journey…'”

The goblins are returning to the surface of the Earth. I believe more and more we may enjoy the rich relationship we once had with one another.  The journey ahead is perhaps long and arduous, but it doesn’t have to be. I know we are not alone. Will you help us restore the goblins to their rightful place, working alongside humanity?

To the Goblins! May our relationship with them, and all the Faery Race, be renewed- for truly we are all connected, and it is only in remembering this that we may together awaken and co-create planetary transformation.

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