The Faeries and the Trees are intimately connected. Their origins are intertwined, for in truth they have evolved side by side on our planet. Many of the Wisdom Teachings that the faeries wish to share with us center around these great and ancient “Standing People”. It is now, in this time of Great Awakening that the trees become extremely relevant to our transformation.

In order to understand how working with the trees can affect us, it is necessary to first explore the energy behind the relationship between the faeries and the trees. Common Lore has always spoken of the “between places” as being connected with the Faerie Realm. A between space is neither fully in one place or another. An example of this could be a seashore, which is neither land nor sea, but something in between. Forget about lore though, and take a moment to think about how you feel when you enter into a space such as this. Does it not conjure up a sense of magic and wonder? Do you not feel closer to the nonphysical planes of light? Meditation and dreaming become almost effortless here. It is because these between spaces, or “tween” spaces as they are often called, act as portals, for the veil between the worlds is thin here. The line between the physical plane and the more subtle realms is blurred, which is why access to the realm of Faerie is easily attained.

A tree is one of the greatest physical examples of a “tween” place. The reason for this is simple – their roots reside deep within the Mother Earth, while their branches soar to the heavens, acting as receptors for Divine Wisdom. They essentially, through their very being, bridge Spirit and Matter, Heaven and Earth.

With this understanding in mind, the faeries wish to direct our attention to the myriad blessings the trees bestow upon us. Spiritualizing matter is one of our ultimate goals here on this Earth plane. In general, the trees are like a road map for us because they demonstrate this through bridging Spirit and Matter. Through gentle contemplation of the beings that are the trees, we may come to read this “road map” and remember how to do the same.

Simply being in the presence of trees can trigger this process. The energy fields of the trees extend way beyond their physical form, and act as an activator that jogs the memory that lies deep within our own being. When walking among them in an area such as a forest or wooded space, consciously become aware of how you feel. Invite the trees to recalibrate your energy field in order to allow this ancient wisdom to bubble up from deep within.

Is there a particular type of tree that you are fond of, or that attracts you? Another way to experience the blessings of the trees is to cultivate a relationship with a specific tree. For, in truth, each type of tree has a message to share with humanity on both a collective and an individual level. Once you have determined which tree is calling to you, it is time to receive its gift. Perhaps it is a gift of strength or deeper understanding. In either case, it is a gift of healing that we require on some level at that time.

In order to begin, we must first come into relationship with the tree. The best way to do this is to find this tree in nature. Physically visit the tree, and sit with your back up against its trunk. Send it love. This puts you into a state of receptivity. Begin to breathe with the tree. Simply intend to align your breathing with the tree, and it will occur. Feel the tree’s energy. Be open. Before you finish feel a sense of gratitude and thank the tree. This is a simple practice that we can do daily or weekly. Consistency is important here. Remember we do not develop a deep and meaningful friendship overnight. These things take time. Be patient with yourself.

This can lead to an oracular process whereby you receive information and intuitive guidance. Do not worry if you are not consciously aware of the information you received in the moment. Give yourself some time. The “download” may come through when you least expect it such as in your dreams, or in a journaling session.

This is only the beginning. Remember to continue to develop the relationship with the tree. Even if you do not have time to do the relationship-building exercise above, take time daily to consciously acknowledge the tree you are working with. You will be amazed at how this changes your life, and helps you awaken to your connection with All That Is.


In love and Faery Light! Blessed Be.

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