1. Time – Take time to go outside for the sheer pleasure and enjoyment of spending time there. Remember a relationship takes time. So make sure to give it. This is probably the easiest and most underrated step of all.

2. Send Love – When you find yourself admiring a tree or flower, use your intention to send love to them. They can feel it and they respond. During many of my classes I use a tool to clearly measure the tree’s energy field. Then I instruct the attendees to send love to the tree. The instrument moves – a demontration that the tree’s energy is expanding. We know everything is energy and that our thoughts can affect physical matter. Yet it is still a miracle to see it in play.

It isn’t seen as a two-way street – the most common mistake people make is that they don’t see their interaction with nature as a relationship. When reconnecting with the magic of nature, it is essential to understand that it is like a friendship – even when there is an instant “clicking” between two people, the friendship itself takes time and energy to develop. You wouldn’t meet someone and instantly start demanding favors of him or her, nor would a good relationship form if all you thought about was what was in it for you.

In this same way, a relationship with nature takes time and energy. It is true that nature is naturally giving. For example, trees and plants are known in the indigenous world as “givers.” That being said, a tree or a plant is much more likely to give up its real medicine if you have a working relationship with it. All of nature is like this.

So what are a few ways you can begin to form a working relationship with nature?


3. Help Clean Up – Oftentimes when I go for a walk I bring a plastic bag with me to collect any plastic bottles or cans that I see along the path. You don’t have to clean the entire area. We all do what we can. So the next time you go for a walk, take a look around and pick up a couple of pieces of garbage to recycle. Your care and consideration do not go unnoticed.

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