What better occasion for a blog post than the New Moon. The Grandmother Moon dances in the shadows of darkness, a fertile bed is made for seeds to be planted….

I came across a video the other day of a presentation I gave back in June of 2011 for a Public Speaking class. The class was a required part of the curriculum for the seminary program I was enrolled in at Inner Quest Church in Alpharetta, Georgia. The title of this presentation was The Metaphysics of Going Green. Watching it, a whole flood of emotions and thoughts came pouring in. My first reaction was sheer embarrassment. I even cringed a bit – Ugh! Why am I was speaking so rapidly?! I thought. Why did I just mess that sentence up? Oh come on, you can do better than that! Thinking back to that day, I remembered how terrified I had been. Public Speaking had always been difficult for me. I remembered the surge of panic that had taken hold of my body that day. No matter what my mind had said to try to calm it, the tremors continued. I remember my mouth going dry, my heart racing – and all of these reactions in front of a group of my own peers. How in the world would I ever stand up and present to strangers?!

Thinking of that day made me realize how far I had come…and not just me, but Faery Light! At that time, Faery Light had not really been born. Of course, I had already received the directive from the faeries regarding the work to come. As a result I had presented several workshops* and was personally working with the unseen realms within nature. But Faery Light as it is today, had not yet begun! As I listened to the words I spoke (in between cringing) I realized that perhaps this presentation was the dawning of Faery Light, a seed that grew into what it is today. Perhaps it is when we are pushed completely beyond our comfort zone that a new seed, one that exists at a higher level of consciousness than that of which you currently hold, can be planted.

Now I sit here five years later and wonder what the next jump in consciousness is and how it will express within and as Faery Light. Immediately something occurs to me:

Faery Light has been dreaming in something new – in fact, its been dreaming and designing something for a few months now!

For years people have been asking me if Faery Light offers programming for kids and/or teens. I have always hesitated because the answer has always oscillated somewhere between no and hell no! Why? Well, there were a lot of reasons…er, probably excuses is a better choice of words.

Now here’s the confession: it hasn’t been just people that mentioned teaching kids. No, the nudge didn’t stop there – really Spirit has been whispering “Teach the Children!” for at least four years.

But you know what? I wasn’t ready. Oh sure I had worked with children before. I’d worked with them quite a lot. I had taught children for six months in Spain. I had tutored tons of kids too – mostly in Foreign Language. I’d developed and delivered a month-long kids program at Inner Quest (another requisite of my seminary program); the list goes on….

However I had never owned the idea of working with children as part of Faery Light’s work… until this past year, that is.

So what changed…well, I think a lot of things changed. But ultimately the biggest one and most significant of all those things….

I was gifted with a faery-daughter.

And, as a result, the Faery Light Kid Program was born.

When Curtis and I found one another the whole world started glowing at a whole new level. Everything was miraculous and wonderful…except one thing…he had a kid! A kid? I didn’t have time for children! Oh sure, they were fine for other people, but not for me. I didn’t have time for them in my life! I had teaching and traveling and writing and, and, and!

IMG_3670But something really unexpected happened over the last couple of years. I realized what a blessing she was! She totally opened my heart, and what’s more is that she made me realize how much fun I have when I do work with children! It was effortless – I didn’t try to teach her, I just did. And I tell you she has been my quickest student yet! She talks to trees, journeys to Faerie, receives messages from the Crystal Peeps…and she is even writing a book – story about dragons! (Of course I can’t take all the credit here for that inspiration because her father, Curtis, is a wonderful writer and huge dragon advocate.)

Maya (that’s my faery-daughter who I have nicknamed “Faery Pet”) has shown me how joyful working with children is. She has revealed to me that I love working with kids. And most of all, I love her!


Love you all! Blessings!

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