I stood atop the looming hill. Heart pounding in my chest and ears, I could hear the voice of the Otherworld call to me. I had climbed up here as if my life had depended on it — and maybe it had….

I dug my feet into the earth at the precipice, seeking some false sense of security. There was none.  I gazed out at the world beyond. So faraway. So this is what it feels like to receive an otherworldly summons, I thought.

Ba-boom! Ba-boom! Ba-boom!

I could feel the pulse of this place ringing in my ears and throbbing in my fingertips. So overwhelming was it, I felt it would crack me open from the inside. So I dropped to my knees and surrendered to come what may. The grassy knoll was soft to my touch, inviting my hands to caress its knobby tufts of green. I ran my palms over it, almost as if searching for…a trapdoor?

Darkness now. As if the lights had suddenly been turned out.

For much too long, I could see nothing. I started to panic. That’s when I’d found it. Something I’d not known I was searching for until now.

The dammed up energy bulged, crying for release. Placing my hands upon the matted mess, the request was clear. So I unwound and unwound, working until the last thread was untangled.


I waited. Afraid to breathe, for fear I might disturb the power of this moment.

And then a loud sound was heard. The dam burst asunder – light, magic, power blazed forth across the land to the four directions and beyond. Droves of natures spirits and elemental beings poured forth, no longer inhibited by what once held them back.

Before I could form a thought, a blaring white light blinded my vision once again.

Then…very slowly…the light began to subside. In its place, a shining being with iridescent skin like a bluish white flame stood watching me.

In my heart, the name “Gwyn” was whispered, followed by a vague familiarity.

Then he spoke, “I knew you’d come.”

Just as he turned to go, he stated definitively, “And soon…you will remember…”


This was my first experience with Glastonbury, a tiny village in England that still holds the energy of Avalon.

Gwyn’s words resounded in my heart and soul for long afterAnd eventually I did remember – who I was and who I had been. Past, present and future became one continuous waveform, blessing me with UNDERSTANDING of my sacred Earth purpose and true KNOWING of my own inner strength, authority and power.

A real-life Faery initiation, this experience set me upon a path from which I’ve never looked back. What can I say? FAERY INITIATIONS can have that effect on you.

And that’s why I feel so passionate about bridging these worlds of human and Faery, taking people just like YOU to power places such as Glastonbury, so that you too can have the experience of a lifetime and BEGIN TO REMEMBER.

Because here’s the thing — I’m not special.


So will you answer the call?

Journey with me this September 15th-23rd, 2018 in Glastonbury + Cornwall, England for an unforgettable and deeply experiential retreat:

Unleash Your Magic + Unearth Your Wild Power
Remembering Faery Secrets of Ancient Avalon

Do you hear the Faery summons? Then this is your chance – visit the Avalon Retreat page for all the enchanting details!

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