Not tomorrow, not next month or next year, but NOW.

Ever since 2012, we have been in a state of incubation. Basically 6 years of preparation. Where we’ve had an opportunity to wrestle with the darkness (not out there, but within); to dance with our shadow; to stop running and finally look the lost parts of ourselves in the face and to welcome them home.

This past stint has been a time of healing, cleansing, clearing, regeneration.

The astrology supports this. The energetic downloads I’ve been receiving along with so many other energetically sensitive beings (that’s you too!) supports this.

But for many of us, including myself here, shit has been intense. I don’t mean that in a rosy-colored acid trip sort of way.

I mean that it has been a test of your own resolve and commitment to really be part of the solution, decide who you are and get a sense of what you REALLY WANT.

Because renewal does not come without death, destruction and hardship.

Just look to nature and you will see this is true. But it doesn’t mean it’s easy.

And what we’ve all been facing, has sometimes felt like being put through the ringer.

And I know you’re tired. We all are. But this is not the time to crap out and call it quits.

You’ve worked too hard for this!

So grab some much needed self-care (a cup of tea, some energy work, a massage) and get back in the ring.

Because if you don’t, you’ll miss all the magic you feel in your bones and is SO close to unveiling itself to you. Don’t quit before you’ve received your well-earned prize.

The spiritual quest is upon you. It’s HERE. And it begins NOW.

So how will you navigate it? How will you decide which path to follow?

Like you I once felt a burning desire to awaken my sacred purpose and understand why I was here.

I remember sensing there was SO MUCH more to life. Faced with longing and yearning to uncover some forgotten part of who I was and what I came to share with the world. I also remember how alone I felt – it sometimes felt like I was the only one who saw life as if it had some veil over it and was hiding all the magic and goods just out of reach sight….sometimes I even felt like I was going crazy.

One thing was for certain – I didn’t have ANY idea HOW to do this thing called AWAKENING. Sure it’s supposed to be natural, but tell that to the person who’s going through it. Without support it can get pretty dicey.

I’ve never given birth to a child (in this life), but I imagine it’s much the same. A natural process, yes, and yet, most women would not want to do it alone. At the very least, a skilled midwife with a knowledge of herbs and medicine is imperative.

And so it took me years of learning how to uncover my gifts, step into my purpose, and understand a lot of what I’m going to be talking about in this video:

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