Hiking to Raven Creek Falls was truly about the journey and not the destination. Not to say that the falls at the end of the hike wasn’t sweet and magical, however what happened midway through the hike was the highlight for me.

A friend and I set out early Wednesday morning. The drive was just under two hours and we wanted to have plenty of time to explore when we got there. Arriving at the trail head was filled with its own sweet surprises.  I stepped onto the path and I did a centering prayer and meditation that I call the Earth and Sky Attunement; its a beautiful technique that the faeries taught me years ago to open the heart and harmonize your energy field to the frequency of Nature. It’s really as grounding as it is cosmic. I teach it to all my students, as it is a crucial step to not only walking in harmony with All That Is, but also to position yourself to reestablishing a relationship with the Faery Realm. So I began with this, and then, as is customary for me I send out a streaming blanket of love-light that acts as a greeting to all the land and its Faery inhabitants. I love this part because I can feel an immediate energy in response to my greeting. Oftentimes I feel it as a warm and very receptive welcome. Other times it is more of a curiosity than anything. This is because there are some areas that are much less accustomed to human interaction even if they see a lot of humans.

In this particular place I felt a mixture of both. I sensed a warm welcome from the overlighting deva of the forest area. In fact there seemed to be two beings, one male and the other had a female essence. I didn’t see them at this time, but I could feel their presence. The other “younger” nature spirits and fairies were quite curious however. I noticed movement just off the trail to my right. I walked over to the small stream and knelt down. Just across the flowing water on the other side I saw dozens of faery lights zipping in and out of the small bushes and plants that were low to the ground. Just as I was sending them love I noticed swirling poofs of light hovering above the stream. Water sylphs and sprites danced merrily on the rippling water’s surface.

We continued on happy to be in such a “lively” area. I hadn’t seen or felt this much faery activity since my trip over in Ireland and England this past May. The area didn’t feel particularly enchanting as much of the land in Europe, but had a vitality and shine to it. Hard to explain with words really.

Along the trail I glimpsed little gnomes here and there. A few creatures similar to brownies appeared out of the tree bark. A little elf tipped his hat to us as we passed by. There were several interesting creatures on the physical realm too – a huge spider, literally huge, hung just above a heart-shaped hole in a tree.


There were millipedes, too – exceptionally large millipedes. And for anyone who knows me, this is still the one creature that I am learning to harmonize with. I am quite willing, but a visceral terror wells up and grips me from deep within. Yeah, it was a past life thing. Again, it’s a work in progress. And no, I did not take a picture – Kristin may have…. In fact, not to get off track, but what is up with these large creatures? I mean seriously bugs shouldn’t be that large in anywhere and especially not the U.S. I mean these guys are Amazonian in size.

So there we were on one of our signature Spirit Walkabouts when suddenly I felt this intense pull downward and to my left. Now this whole trail more or less follows alongside the creek, hence the name of this place and trail: Raven Creek Falls. We walked down to the water’s edge. At this point in the creek there was a midsize fall. This wasn’t the big Raven Creek Fall, yet it was stunningly magnetic in its effect on me. I took off my shoes and hopped along the damp rocks to cross the creek and get closer to the cataract. As I drew near a song rose up within me. Almost instinctively I began to hum this haunting melody. Somehow through humming out loud I became more and more attuned to the waterfall and eventually a beautiful being materialized in the pool just below the falls floating ever so daintily above the spray. Her auric field was of white light with pastel hues of lavender, blue and a light rose color. She appeared to have hair of steaming white, and yet this was just how her energy field manifested, as it wasn’t really hair. I realized the more I hummed, the more clearly she came into view. She and I communed for what seemed like forever. She was quite surprised by this interaction, and yet there was a familiarity there, too. The more I hummed the brighter she became. Suddenly I realized it was her song I was humming. I understood then that this is one way – a very beautiful way – we can interact with one another – Faery and Human – by singing each other’s song.

I left the falls feeling uplifted and complete. What a gift this water spirit had offered me! What a gift and a blessing!


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