IMG_0148   The goblins appeared to me almost two years ago. A friend and I were walking along a small creek in North Georgia when something on the other side flashed, grabbing my attention. As everyone knows, flashing lights in a forest surely lead to adventure and all things magical.
   I quickly located a few large rocks nestled in the creek bed that would allow me safe passage across the water. Hopping along carefully, as hiking and wet shoes do not mix well together, I made my way over to the other side. Now the flashing lights had moved farther away, blinking in the lush ferns and rhododendron that characterize the area. Just past the ferns were trees that bordered a clearing of tall grasses. Approaching, I felt not just one, but many beings around me. A slightly different energy than I was accustomed to, I softened my vision and attuned to their presence. I noted oddly shaped beings, their size of about three to five feet. They carried spear-like objects with flat circular stones on top. I didn’t fear them – the spears acted as magical objects, not weapons. These creatures were so unusual…what in the world…then it came…Goblins!

Their leader, a kingly sort, spoke. “We have come to make a request.”

   He continued, “Would you right the wrong that has been done us?” He paused, then added, “Would you tell our story…?”
   “Your story?” Oh boy…while I was honored, I could not help the feelings of overwhelm that came creeping in as I acknowledged my ever-growing backlog of books that wanted to be written.
   Then in the blink of an eye a vision came: Gentle and kind creatures, filled with love in their hearts, yet they had been demonized. They wanted humanity to cease believing they were evil. The collective idea the world has had about goblins has deeply affected them. They sought to heal the image humankind had given them.IMG_0147
   The leader held out his hand. A glorious ruby, the size of my palm, sparkled brightly. “This holds the true history of my people. Should you choose to accept, it will help you write our story.”
   “Remember,” he said, “we are all a part of the Story of the Forest.” I took the stone, knowing that I sealed the contract as I did so. Oh well, what was one more book?
   They all looked at me lovingly. If I didn’t know better I’d say I almost felt longing. Then I felt the pain. I will never forget their gaze because it was filled with so much pain.

   I didn’t forget the promise I had made. In my second book, Through the Eyes of the Dragon, you will see a hint of the goblins. Several weeks after publishing it, I was in Wissahickon Park. Curtis and I approached a large rock cliff with interesting depressions in its side. Moments after fixing my gaze on the depressions…Goblins, I whispered. It seemed like they were less hidden. Perhaps the healing had already begun…I wonder if they will make themselves known during The Forest Speaks Faery Walk.

To Be Continued…

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