I’ve got no idea WHAT to say or write – should I just wait until an idea pops before I take action? 
I struggle with these stories ALL THE TIME.
Yes, I’m the girl who writes blogs regularly; who has written and published two fun, heart-opening books; who has written a dozen articles and short stories.
But today I’m here to tell you that it ain’t always easy. When I struggle with writing, it’s for one reason and one reason only.
I don’t trust the flow.
Now this is a challenge that is about way MORE than just writing. Trusting the flow is a lesson that comes to me over and over again in SO MANY areas of my life. And I know it can help you too if you are struggling with immobility because you are unclear what direction to take. 
I can’t share it enough. It’s the bones of all the work at Faery Light. When you struggle you move out of the flow. When you simply trust and then take inspired action from that place – now that’s when the magic happens.
So what did I do today to move the energy when I felt stuck?
Well, I got my ass out of the house for starters. Took a walk outside. Talked to a tree. Got eaten alive by mosquitos (that I swear have doubled in size since the storms). Then I threw a tantrum because I’m super allergic and I HATE getting bitten. I came inside. Cooked a pot of soup and basically imagined I was stirring my cauldron of inspiration. Annwn come to me! Then I sat down and wrote.
I wasn’t inspired. I didn’t get some stroke of genius during my cooking sesh. I sat down with absolutely NUTTIN’.
So what the heck did I write then?
Anything. It didn’t matter. And it was in the process of writing that it came to me.
Most people don’t act until they “get guidance.” Or for any of you less woofolk out there, you don’t act until you know what to do. But sometimes acting is exactly what’s needed to flow the energy in the first place.
So that’s what I did.
And I hope you do it too next time you get stuck – with writing a blog (or a book), creating a lesson plan, designing a garden, painting a picture, organizing your office.
Just start. And then keep going. Then finish.
Flowing the energy by taking action is the best thing you can do to reignite your inspiration and birth some magic.
What are you stuck on in your life? And what’s one action step you can take to just flow the energy? Hit reply and let me know!

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