As I look outside my window I see peace:

The snow is still offering a light layer of cover, and yet it does not prevent the blades of grass from peaking through here and there. Strong and bare are the trees that stand, waving in the sudden gusts of wind, inviting us inward.

The winter is SO silent…

…And yet I can feel the urgency in many of your hearts at this time. For the movements of the great cycles do not yield to the Lady of Winter.

But they do trade secrets…often….

Today I caught one on the wind: a message from the Standing Nation (the Tree Peeps) it was.

Many of you feel drawn to these ancient beings. Rightly so, for the Tree Peeps hold great wisdom for humanity, and during these times of change, they can be one of your greatest allies.

They urge you not to forget their call or their powerful medicine that they share freely. This they urge you NOW.

The trees do not need your sympathy or sentimentality. What they ask for instead — indeed what they require — is for you to lend your inner ear and your sacred heart. And listen.

Sometimes we require a nudge of gentleness, while at other times what we need is a loving but firm kick in the butt that says, “You know what to do. You got this. Now go, and do it already!”

So if you’re still feeling blown about by any outside force or chaotic energy — family, children, parents, the media, politics — then the trees are approaching you with that swift, firm voice now.

You KNOW what to do. You have the tools to ground (just take a huge through Faery Light Mystery School’s past blogs or videos). So how about taking action? Take back your power. Declare it so!

The trees can help you find your strength so you can do what you need to do in the world.

They reach up toward the heavens, but they do not get lost there, no! For they are also rooted deep, drawing their sustenance, strength and power from the depths of the Underworld; fed and nurtured by the womb of Gaia, they show us how we too can weather the storm.

Remember the trees are ancient beings, and they are an active part of the Gaia plan unfolding at this time.

If you need inspiration or a fresh perspective to see the trees in a new light (and hopefully as one of your most powerful allies), then allow me to share this story I wrote several years ago about my journey with one species of the Tree Nation, the Hemlocks.


The Song of the Hemlocks

An oldie but goodie, this story is not lacking in surprise, magical moments or “coincidences.” It’s one of those that as you read you feel encouraged that you don’t have to have all the answers to get started.

The pieces of the puzzle fall into place on their own time. But it is YOU who can set them in motion and keep the flow going by listening, following your guidance one breadcrumb at a time, and then taking action no matter how insignificant or enigmatic or scary each step seems to be.

Because it’s not our business to judge and decide what’s important and what’s not when it comes to honoring our intuitive nudges. It IS our business to heed to call.

So read the story. Get inspired. Ground your shit! Take back your power. And let’s do this THING.

Here’s to getting your Earth party started!




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