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Message from Fairy Glen

Took this video for you all at Fairy Glen in Skye. In it I share the story of how I came to find this place and why this experience was sad, unique and magical all at once. Hope you can hear me - the winds and rain were insane 🤪🌪🌧💦🌫...

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Travel & Ground – Faery Light Style

The lush green mountains wrap the valley basin in a warm embrace that lulls your senses to Dream with spirits of this place. Then there are the hypnotic melodies that play softly throughout the winding stone pathways. The palo santo-scented steam wafts and twists from...

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How to Communicate with Nature Spirits

I love traveling! And if you're part of my tribe, you probably do too! Because it does the mind, body and soul a world of good.  And that's not all! One of my most favorite reasons I love to travel is because I get to meet all kinds of new people. When I travel to a...

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